The Ratio Concierge Approach


Just like the ultimate concierge, we are here to serve you and meet your unique, personalized needs and offer up exceptional options and services from which you can choose.


To do that, we get to know you. Really get to know you. That means looking at all the various parts of your financial situation and your life. We ask you quantitative and qualitative questions. We discuss your planning objectives, family dynamics, estate planning and work/retirement/business situation. We look at your balance sheet and any and all places you have investments – even ones you may have forgotten about or overlooked. We talk about your estate planning, your goals for the short term, your goals for the long-term, and what gives you the most peace of mind.

Based on what we uncover, our entire team will create a customized list of possible services and actions to take and then talk with you about how you’d like to move forward. You decide what you want to do, and when, depending on what is most important to you. We never pressure a client and we never hurry you.

As we begin our relationship together, we’ll also set up dates to review and update you on all parts of your portfolio and make sure you know how to track progress as well. And if you need to talk with us between meetings, we don’t just give you our generic phone number. We give you the cell phone numbers of our principals, so you can reach them directly.

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