Why a team approach matters.
By bringing every member of our team, and their areas of expertise, to the table for you we think bigger, broader, more holistically and more intuitively on your behalf. We don’t make decisions in a vacuum. We consider all parts of your financial picture; lifestyle, aspirations, data, risk tolerance, worries, dreams and more. Then, we pool our resources, talents and experience to help provide you with the best ways to make all the pieces work to your benefit. While each member of our team has deep knowledge of their specialty, we also believe in collaboration and the sharing of ideas to give you a truly complete picture of all of your options and the most thorough and thoughtful roadmap for how to move forward.


Sharon Mitchell


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“I am passionate about supporting our client’s needs and our internal team. I love that we are so dedicated to each of our clients, ensuring superior customer service and providing invaluable advice on one of the most important aspects of life; financial security. I am so proud to be part of the Ratio Team helping each of our clients attain that financial security, whether it is managing family wealth, setting up for financial stability during college or for the later years in life. We at Ratio are committed to our client’s financial wellbeing.”

As a seasoned Executive Assistant, Sharon brings a variety of organizational and administrative skillsets to Ratio Wealth Group. She has over 20 years of experience supporting C-Suite executives in financial services, real estate investments and healthcare industries. In addition Sharon brings a strong ethics background to enhance client relationships, while leveraging business partners and stakeholders to achieve optimal client service results. Sharon works closely with executive management teams to drive key business initiatives, development of new processes, and refine procedures to streamline all matters of business operations.

Work : Life

Sharon enjoys spending time with her husband Edward, exploring the beautiful outdoors of Colorado, skiing, bicycling, hiking, and playing golf.