Why a team approach matters.
By bringing every member of our team, and their areas of expertise, to the table for you we think bigger, broader, more holistically and more intuitively on your behalf. We don’t make decisions in a vacuum. We consider all parts of your financial picture; lifestyle, aspirations, data, risk tolerance, worries, dreams and more. Then, we pool our resources, talents and experience to help provide you with the best ways to make all the pieces work to your benefit. While each member of our team has deep knowledge of their specialty, we also believe in collaboration and the sharing of ideas to give you a truly complete picture of all of your options and the most thorough and thoughtful roadmap for how to move forward.

Darren Spreeuw, PhD

Darren Spreeuw


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“I am an educator at heart and therefore I love talking with clients about the economic theories that underlie financial markets and helping to clarify their understanding about how things work.  I’m also a musician and a little known fact about me is that I pick up foreign languages easily – accents and all. I’m proud to work at Ratio because we are a true fiduciary, putting our clients first while practicing and promoting best ethical practices with kindness and respect.”

Darren has approached the capital markets from a myriad of angles over the last 22 years.  At Ratio Wealth Group, he focuses on portfolio management, portfolio analytics, planning integration and client relations. He works closely with the entire Ratio team to insure complimentary investment strategies are thoughtfully integrated into tailored financial plans.

As an academic economist, Darren taught graduate level econometrics, finance and economic theory at several universities, and conducted firm-theory research in Eastern Europe as a Fulbright Scholar. In the private sector, Darren has provided thoughtful strategic analysis to a range of firms, from small family offices and RIAs, to big-data firms overseeing portfolios of mortgage-backed securities.
Darren is a Founding Executive Board Member of the Colorado Student Leader’s Institute, an affiliate of The National Conference of Governor Schools.  He holds degrees from San Francisco State University (BA Econ) and The American University (PhD Econ), is a Level 3 candidate in the CFA program.

Work : Life

Outside of the office, you’ll find Darren fixing anything that breaks at one of his many rental properties, cheering on his kids’ soccer teams, skiing, cycling and participating in beer-league hockey.   

Darren Spreeuw, PhD